Introduction to Fashion Design

(In Person Private Class, Bangkok Thailand)

Class Details:

Introduction to Fashion Design (Private Class) 24 hours / 10 Sessions For beginners. Student can choose his/her convenient time.

Details FD101 - Introduction to Fashion

Design Fee: 38,000 THB (Weekend)

or 35,000 THB (Weekday)

Received Copic marker pad + Signature Tote Bag by Fashion Workshop Size A3 for keep all your design tools. Learn how to draw Fashion figures (croquis) from draft to finish in the size and proportion of F.I.T (New York City)’s method. Learn various techniques of creating fabric textures by using color pencils and markers. Learn about Branding, Market Research, Create your very own Fashion Design portfolio, and learn how to draw flats to communicate with your technicians.

Session 1. Basic Croqui Drawing / 2 Hrs: Learn about Anatomy in Fashion Design, Points of body, Fashion language. Draft your first Fashion figure by using proportion map.

Session 2.Fashion Figure Analysis and Design Development / 3 Hrs: Learn how to analyze the fashion poses and draw popular poses. Learn about Design Development.

Session 3. Rendering (1) Coloring Face/Skintone / 3 Hrs : Learn how to use color markers in Fashion figures, skintone technique, facials drawing, make up, light and shadow map.

Session 4. Rendering (2) Classic Menswear / 3 Hrs : Learn to create fabric textures, patterns from Classic menswear textile using color markers. Learn to draw Jacket, Pant, Outerwear and vocab of the garments.

Session 5. Rendering (3) Eveningwear / 3 Hrs : Learn to create fabric textures in eveningwear, i.e. Sequin, Lace, Fur, Tulle using color markers.

Session 6. Design Project. How to Branding, Market Research, and Theme Development / 2 Hrs : Design Project: Learn how to create your Fashion Collection. Student starts market research.

Session 7. Review Design Project / 2 Hrs : Review Design Project: Discuss about the market research assignment. Student uses Design Development Technique for the collection.

Session 8. Review Design Project / 2 Hrs : Design Selection Process: Go over the sketches. Learn how to create mood board and portfolio styling effectively.

Session 9. How to enhance your portfolio / 2 Hrs: Review the design sketches 80% complete compose and organize the essential items for the finished portfolio

Session 10.How to prepare spec package for seamstress/production / 2 Hrs : Learn how to prepare essential spec package for the technician. Learn point of measurements in garments. Learn Flat Sketching for production purpose. ************************************************************

For drawing materials, please bring pencil, ruler, eraser to the first class. Location is at a private studio close to BTS Rajdamri. Please contact for booking.