Fashion Sketchbooks and Journals Series

The Art of Figure Templates is an introduction to Fashion Drawing for the beginners who are looking for a fast and professional way to draw fashion figures. This book filled with techniques of how to read fashion poses, dressing the fashion figures, coloring skin tone and makeup, step by step how to color garments, and how to use figure templates for your workflow.

The readers will get ideas of how to use these templates efficiently. Weather you are a start-up company with fashion idea or a student who plan a portfolio for fashion school admission, but you don’t know how to put your idea into figure drawing, this book should help you get started.

This book is packed with 37 pages of 10 head proportion fashion figure templates, and 2 professional work forms (Design Card and Tech Card). There are 7 fashion poses with template style variations such as basic black line, nude line, figure with face and hair, template with technical guideline, close up and 3 figures in one page for design development.

Every purchase is eligible for digital figure templates and work forms that published in this book. You will receive a PDF file emailed to you. The file is user friendly and ready to put into work instantly.

The Art of Figure Templates

Available in eBook and Paperback